The swings are a long-time play favorite, and many children spend much of their playground or park time trying to soar as far as they can from the security of their swing. Now, imagine an inclusive swing seat that allows children of all abilities and needs to join in on the fun of this classic playground activity.

The Little Tikes Commercial inclusive swing seat does exactly that. This swing seat provides extra support, safety features, and additional room so all children can enjoy the carefree fun of swinging at the playground.

Little Tikes Commercial designed these seats to be supportive and snug, enabling children to enjoy the experience of swinging in their local playground.

The swing seats come with an attached three-point harness to keep children secure and upright against gravity as they swing. This inclusive swing seat also comes with a complete back and headrest attached to the chair’s base to provide extra support. For added safety, durable chains secure the swing seat to the frame at four points of connection on the seat and two on the swing set.

Inclusive swing seats allow all children to feel included and have fun at the playground, regardless of their specific needs or abilities.

The Little Tikes Commercial inclusive swing seat is a perfect feature for a universally accessible playground, allowing kids of any background to engage in parallel play.