Shade Canopies

8 Reasons To Install Shade Structures Over Your Playground

Having playground shade and canopy shade structures in parks and schools add to the overall functionality of the playgrounds, providing […]

April 19,2024
Playground Surfacing

Commercial Playground Surfacing for Safe Play

A commercial playground is a wonderland for children, where they make lasting memories of camaraderie, joyfulness, and laughter. While playground […]

April 09,2024
Playground Surfacing

A Buyer’s Guide To Outdoor Play Area Flooring

When it comes to creating a safe and enjoyable outdoor play area for children, the choice of flooring is a […]

March 23,2024
Playground Surfacing

7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Be Barefoot

Going barefoot is not only a valuable childhood memory, but it is also a potentially health-changing behavior that we should all share with our children.

March 23,2024
Playground Surfacing

Playground Resurfacing: Important Safety Factor to Reduce Injuries

The playground is the place where countless childhood adventures are happening; however, there are certain dangers associated with them related […]

February 16,2024