Residential playground equipment is playsets for fun installed in a home’s backyard or play area. Also known as home play settings, these well-structured systems can come in various shapes, themes, and materials. As the pandemic has constricted families to spend more time at home, selecting good residential playground equipment for their children has become the need of the hour.

Children playing and spending time at a residential playground is the best way to boost their holistic development. This is indeed the best way to learn while having fun!

Choosing design of residential playground equipment

You can choose from various designs and materials when it comes to home-play settings. The design can vary from swings, slides, see-saws, climbers, merry-go-rounds, or even playhouses. On average, indoor or backyard playground equipment is more flexible and easier to set up. 

However, with the easy-to-use design, there come some major responsibilities too. Unlike commercial playground sets, residential sets are made in such a way that they cannot withstand heavy use or vandalism. This means you’ll have to consider various aspects like the number of kids, their weight, etc., when choosing a home playset. You may also need to keep an eye on the playground traffic to minimize deterioration.

Indoor vs. outdoor residential playground equipment

Usually, residential playground equipment can be of two types – indoor and outdoor. To choose among these, you must consider factors like:

  • Available space
  • The theme of the playset
  • Kind of playset
  • Children’s age

If you don’t have ample backyard space, indoor playground equipment is always the best choice for a child’s room or a playroom. Such structures are generally made out of safe-grade plastic to reduce injuries. Also, indoor residential playground equipment comes in various sizes according to your child’s age group, height, and weight, so shop wisely! 

Safety features in residential playground equipment

We can’t stop emphasizing the safety aspects of playground equipment. Children are carefree, fragile, and prone to injuries during playing as they learn and discover new things. Therefore, there should be no compromise with the safety features of the residential playground equipment you consider. Although it may cost you extra, these few extra bucks will make the equipment safe and worth it. 

Following are some things to include in your checklist to ensure a safe playset: 

  • A well-equipped team of designers, engineers, and installers
  • Solid beam construction
  • Well-engineered hardware and soft ropes
  • Less risky factors like sharp/rough edges, many nuts and bolts, wooden parts with splinters, etc. 
  • No entrapment hazards 
  • Non-toxic material
  • Textured grips
  • Guardrails and protective screens
  • Ambient space between the playset and other objects in the area

Selecting the right entertainment equipment for your children can be as fun as watching them enjoy it. Thankfully, All Play, Inc provides the best-quality and best-in-safety residential playground equipment in Houston. We have a wide variety of fun playground equipment for all age groups and requirements. With over 30 years of experience, we understand and provide the best playground equipment for your children to play, learn, and grow. Get in touch with us today at (713) 939-9888.

A child’s development is dependent on the environment they grow up in, so if a child has a healthy environment, they group up healthy. Playground equipment gives children a chance to be active in their schools. In this article, you will find some school playground equipment in Houston that can help stimulate kids the right way.

Result of a Healthy Playground

Higher grades

A child is more likely to study and advance in their studies if they are active in school. They score better in both maths and English.

No excess energy

With the excess energy being burned out, the kids will no longer need to run around during classes. It not only helps students concentrate but also helps the teachers in maintaining the class decorum.

Developing life skills

Playing on the playground equipment is a necessary part of the child’s development process. It plays a role in the child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development. It also helps a child understand social interactions and their importance. 

Necessary School Playground Equipment


Slides are present in all playgrounds and parks. Kids love sliding as it gives them a feel of wind rushing by. No matter the age, you can always find students sliding around. Tunnel slides are famous among parents because there is a lower chance of injury on them. Sliding creates a sense of balance by stimulating the ear canal and fluids. 


They are the most enjoyed and the most basic playground equipment found anywhere. They give the kids a feeling of soaring through the sky. It is a seat attached to thick chains giving it balance that improves a child’s sensory organs. It helps stimulate the vestibular (for balance), tactile (for touch), and proprioceptive(moving through space and time) areas of a child’s brain. 


These come in many shapes and sizes like spirals, straight and curvy models, among which Monkey bars are a favorite. The child gets natural exercise and develops flexibility. It stimulates a child’s vestibular (balance) area of the brain while also improving coordination and upper body strength. It develops self-confidence, fine motor skills, including grip, grasp, and dexterity.


Tubes are a fun and safe way for kids to play around. They are usually located at ground levels or as a path between slides. They help improve a child’s motor skills. 

Spring riders

These are seats situated on top of a thick spring. The equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including animals and vehicles. Spring riders help stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain to become more imaginative and innovative. It also develops the vestibular sections of the brain and improves coordination. 

There is a wide variety of school playground equipment that you can find in Houston. Each piece of equipment has its own unique feature that helps stimulate a child’s brain and develop physical and social skills. 

All Play, Inc provides you with playgrounds where a child can play, laugh, and grow. For more details, contact us today at (713) 939-9888.

It is summertime and is best known for outdoor playing. Kids prefer community or commercial playgrounds where they can play along with their friends. Even we allow them to go to a playground that helps them socialize, but how do we know that the commercial playground equipment is safe.

For this, we must find a good playground equipment manufacturer. 

Finding a kids playground equipment manufacturer is not an easy task; many things need to be kept in mind while looking. You can simply search online and find many commercial playground equipment manufacturers, or you can even search it offline. Read more to know the things to keep in mind when you look for a kids playground equipment manufacturer?

Site Appraisal and Planning

You should look for a manufacturer that emphasizes on-site appraisal and plan accordingly. A manufacturer that plans is better and can do things according to the needs. A location designated for a playground must meet certain requirements. The ground, for example, should be leveled and debris-free. This area should ideally be free of any dangers. It is vital to examine the size of the chosen region, the available budget, and the set goals.

Innovation and Design

Look for such a commercial playground equipment manufacturer that could design custom playground equipment innovatively. Manufacturers that could think innovatively can give you suggestions.

Safety and installation

All the equipment is made of plastic and metals. So, when you leave your kid to play, the safety of your child will be your priority. So, you must look for such a commercial playground equipment manufacturer that provides quality material and does the installation taking safety into consideration. If the installation is improper, then there is a chance of equipment failure, which may lead to further casualty. The safety of the kids must be the priority.


When you look for a kids commercial playground equipment manufacturer, budget is a thing that you should keep in mind. If a manufacturer that satisfies all your needs but is out of your budget is no use for you. So, before looking for the manufacturer, finalize your budget.

Credibility and Experience

As so many companies will pop out when you search online for a kids commercial playground manufacturer, so you must see if there is a testimonial or not. If the reviews and ratings are good, that means they are working well. And if someone suggests you offline, then there is a high chance of their credibility. So only opt for those manufactures which already have enough experience and have testimonials to prove their credibility.

Are you looking for a commercial playground equipment company in Houston? If yes, then All Play Inc. is the best choice for you! With over 30 years of expertise in the playground equipment industry, we prioritize the safety of the children. Call us at (713) 939-9888 or drop us a mail at and talk to our experts!

Imagine the sky is intense and clear blue, the sun is in its maximum splendor, the breeze relieves the heat and there are no duties to fulfill. In those days, staying home is not an option. So, why don’t you take the opportunity with your children to play outdoor games and introduce them to Commercial Playground Equipment.

The outdoor games are considered very important for the intellectual, emotional and social development of children. It balances and harmonizes motor learning in a child’s behaviour by integrating skills in a coherent way. In addition, it offers benefits to the family as a whole.

The benefits of outdoor play go beyond the endowment that a wind-blown environment offers to the lungs. Outdoor games mean autonomy, freedom and joy. They are the ideal space to foster new friendships and give children the opportunity to grow up healthy and have a good emotional development.

Keeping that in mind, given below are some benefits of outdoor play for your kids that can help them grow and learn!

  • Stimulation of Creativity

Playing outside forces children to think creatively. The little ones must investigate their environment, discover what surrounds them and invent a game with what they have in hand! Although it is true that in playgrounds everything is prepared for children to entertain themselves, in reality it is the children themselves who find entertainment, and that is great!

  • Promotion of Socialization

In the park your children play with other children their age, talk, have fun. These situations help them socialize, make friends, and learn established norms.

  • Experimenting the World

When you take your children for a walk outdoors you are giving them the possibility of discovering the world that surrounds them through the five senses. Children have a curious mind and they like discovering new things everyday. Playing with commercial playground equipment, takes them a step closer towards experimenting new things.

  • Physical Exercise

One of children’s favorite outdoor games is running, jumping, climbing, etc. All these activities involve physical exercise and that is exactly what your little ones need!

  • Family Union

Taking a moment away from technology and home can help you create some memories together. If we put the mobile aside and focus on outdoor games, it will be easy to share different activities with our children and even be amazed with them when discovering new things.

  • Vision Care

Outdoor play has another amazing benefit when they take their eyes off the screen. By taking your children out for play, you take care of their eyes, preventing them from spending too many hours in front of the screens.

All Play, Houston

At All Play we know that outdoor play is a fundamental pillar in child development. Therefore, we have developed Commercial Playground Equipment where we ensure to provide children a very healthy environment for recreational activities.

All our equipments are made with antimicrobial  and non-toxic material that is totally safe for your children. So, get your child involved with All Play and get ready to watch them having fun all the way with our Commercial Playground Equipment.

Playgrounds are essential to our society. It is a safe space for our kids to play and grow. It offers different ways to have fun exercise, and recreation for children from the age of 2 years through 12 years. These playgrounds hold some of their best childhood memories from meeting their best friends to forming their social identity. You will find playgrounds at various outdoor settings like schools, churchyards, neighborhoods, and parks with various slides, swings, merry-go-rounds, and climbers. Read below to know everything about buying commercial playground equipment in Houston.

Things you must consider before buying a commercial playground equipment in Houston

Location of the playground structure

Building a playground and buying its equipment comes with a set of parameters that must be met. One such parameter is the area of the playground. The designated area for the installation of the commercial playground equipment needs to be up to certain standards like it must be large, it should be leveled and debris-free. You must ensure that the selected area does not have anything hazardous near it, like a commercial plant.

The age range for your play structure

Playground equipment is structured age-specifically. Before buying playground equipment you must keep in mind the age group you want to target. You must remember to separate different structures designed for specific age groups with fences. For example, play areas for children of age 6 months through 23 months should have equipment that allows movement and exploring and encourages crawling, standing, and walking, but is also baby-proofed.

Budget for the play structure

Budgeting is crucial. Unexpected potential expenditure can be shocking. Something that might start from the lower end of a few hundred might end up costing as high as hundreds of thousands. You should plan with the supplier you chose and cross-check for unnecessary expenditure. Budgeting will help you get the most play equipment for your dollar you spent.

The material of equipment

Playground equipment is constructed from the following two materials: a metal structure with some plastic components, like slides, and the second type of equipment, which is made of wooden structures. Although wooden structures are less common in commercial or educational applications.

Number of play elements
The amount of equipment depends on the population in your area. Your supplier will tell you the amount of equipment you might need depending on the space and age groups of children in your area. From the number of slides, swings, merry-go-rounds, and climbers to benches, fountains, and restrooms, everything should be kept in mind.


The surfacing of the playground and play area is crucial. There are three different types of surfacing available:

  • Engineered wood fiber is a chemical-free wood mulch.
  • Rubber mulch is made of recycled tires.
  • Pour in place, is a mixture of granular rubber and resin.

Where to purchase playground equipment

Your supplier plays an important role in the adequate purchasing and installing of commercial playground equipment. Different suppliers offer different price rates and designs for commercial playground equipment in Houston. Look for a supplier that caters to all your requirements within your budget. All Play Inc. offers different playground equipment along with different amazing services that will help you custom design your playground as you desire.

 The question of whether technology is a boon or a curse can set quite a debate. Especially when it comes to children, the new tech can fulfill both roles agreeably. It has the potential to foster the child’s creativity and contribute to overall growth. While it is also true that it deprives today’s children of enjoying the fun of playing outside. The CDC recommends that a child should have a physical activity of about 60 minutes or more every day.

It can influence muscle and bone strengthening, prevent childhood obesity, and can also lower stress levels. Perhaps, you are well aware of these benefits and recall your own childhood experience of playing out. However, parents can be worried about the safety of their children. The pandemic-driven days have demanded extra care to be taken. In these cases, setting up outdoor playground equipment in Houston in the open space around the house can be most convenient.

This article will guide you about all the aspects of residential playground equipment.

What are the available options?

Undoubtedly, Houston has many over-the-top parks for kids to play in. Yet, parents can give that fun to their kids right in their own backyard. 

These are the must-have sets for outdoor playground equipment in Houston:

  • Swings: Swings are the perfect choice if a child wants to get his/her feet off the ground. There are plenty of picks available. For children under five years, a bucket swing can come in handy. You can try out belt swings, tire, and daydreamer swings as kids grow. Glider swing is one that the kids and even parents can enjoy at times.
  • Slides: A conventional slide can also do the work. Yet, the variants of wave slide, spiral slide, and tube slide add some extra adventure. The tube slide could be less popular as outdoor playground equipment in Houston as it takes space.
  • Something to climb: Improving body coordination through climbing is an awesome activity. A wall made up of solid material can add a lot of fun while playing. If not a wall, you can also think of a rope ladder.
  • Addons: There can’t be enough of bouncing on a trampoline for kids. Also, monkey bars, crawl tunnels, and ship wheels complement the backyard well.

Things to look after while setting up a playground

While kids are in the safety of their house playing outdoor playground equipment in Houston, parents need to examine how safe this equipment is for children. 

Give a thought to the things below for a completely safe environment:

  • Avoid wooden equipment since it can be susceptible to pests and weather.
  • If wooden sets can’t be avoided, go for the durable cedar wood.
  • The material used in the equipment should be sturdy so as to avoid corrosion.
  • No crowding; there should be enough clearance between components.
  • The playground equipment can need periodic maintenance.
  • Do not leave any overhanging electrical wires or tree branches where children play.

If you have made up your mind after going through this blog, All Play Does it all is an excellent manufacturer of outdoor playground equipment in Houston. Head over to the site to create a childhood of backyard fun.

Staying at home in a pandemic is difficult for us. If you have a lively bunch at home, you must have noticed the drastic lifestyle change your kids have gone through. Children are spending most of their time in front of screens at an age where physical activity is vital for growth. To prevent the long-term consequences, it is necessary to walk an extra mile and bring the playground at home.

Building a backyard playground is a great investment, but there are several factors parents should consider before getting into the process. If you need any assistance with outdoor playground equipment in Huston, All Play Inc. will take care of all your requirements, from design to construction.

We’re jotting down the factors parents should think about when planning a playground construction for their children

How old is the child?

Age tells you the child’s level of motor development. For every level of development, a different type of play benefits the most. Also, children of different age groups have different play preferences. To bring the best of both fun and fitness for your child, understand your child’s age-appropriate requirements and invest accordingly.

How many children will use the equipment?

If you have one child who will be using the playground, a single unit with all the required attachments will suffice. If you have two or more children, you would have to look at options that would accommodate many at a time. If you have many children of different ages, you would need tools for their respective physical activity levels.

How much space do you have?

Backyards may be big or small and require you to have them properly measured and checked for safety. It is smart to know the space, to understand how much and what type of equipment it can host before buying the outdoor play tools. If you have a small space, installing a swing will not be fun; instead, it will be unsafe. You must check whether the space is fit for construction and free of hazardous debris.

How to ensure complete safety?

We are talking about equipment that is going to be used roughly. Kids will run, climb, jump and hang on this equipment. Therefore, having sturdy equipment that will sustain repeated rough use, stand strong through the changing weather, and will not injure them is a fundamental necessity. Getting pieces of equipment with smoothed edges, high railings, soft grips, child-friendly textures, and insulated parts are highly advisable.

All Play Inc. offers Play Armour protection. It is a unique invisible, odorless antimicrobial coating to protect play equipment. It is also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. This armor protects the children from contagious diseases at play and guarantees maximum safety.

How to look after the equipment?

With heavy usage and standing outside in the ever-changing weather, equipment is likely to have loose parts, broken attachments, rusted bars, and much more. It is thus essential for parents to regularly check the installation or install low-maintenance equipment.

With proper planning done by considering all the mentioned factors, you can design your outdoor playground to give your children maximum fun, safety, and health benefits.

This list might seem a bit overwhelming to some parents, and we are here to help. All Play Inc. has been helping design and construct and maintain play parks for families since 1991. Being the trusted service for outdoor playground equipment in Huston, we build inclusive playgrounds for children of all ages. Contact us now for a stress-free purchase of outdoor playground equipment in Huston

This guide is for starters who want to build upon or add a community recreation park. This is the complete guide to choosing the right park or playground equipment. You will find helpful insight on how to navigate commercial playground equipment in Southeast Texas. Anyone out there that has a passion for revitalizing the surrounding community, the information herein will help stimulate community involvement through outdoor activities. There are many benefits of a recreation park, and supporting a physically healthy life is the most important. Most people take parks as pleasant spaces out in the green to socialize, meditate, therapeutic walks, and bring children out to play. Yet, the benefits of the playground go further by contributing to the beautiful aspects of a neighborhood. 

Lots of emphases should be placed on equipment when planning an outdoor park. The right selection of equipment will boost the benefits and will bring out the full advantage of outdoor recreation. Below is the information you need to consider before choosing park and playground equipment. 

Evaluate the Playground and its Needs

Conduct a playground audit and evaluate your equipment needs based on available size and space, general layout, headcount it can hold, age of children visiting the park, and people with disability. A playground is built to hold children of different ages. Designers engineer these spaces to enhance physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and imaginative development. Consider all these factors in your park audit and come up with a list of equipment you will require. 

What is the status of the Existing Equipment

Sometimes you want to compliment your existing resources with more equipment. There is existing equipment in the playground, some of which you also plan to replace. Therefore, as you perform the audit, consider what equipment to purchase and give the park a fresh appearance. The equipment audit must evaluate the equipment’s condition at hand to identify what needs to be replaced and what could be added. Ensure the existing equipment is also compliant with ADA and CPSC/ASTM regulations. Also, find out whether those in your community are happy and comfortable with existing equipment. If there are any issues or specific requests, consider those suggestions within the space. 


What’s your budget? Assess the overall budget and what sources of funding are available. Funding could be in the form of business capital, fundraising, donations, and grants. Prepare a budget for all needs and allocate funding to landscaping and site preparation, surfacing costs, and other expenses. If the budget is not sufficient, consider acquiring some of the equipment in phases or seeking a financing option. A lease can allow one to equip their park today and pay for it over several years.

Sporting, Outdoor Gyms, and Pet Park

What features are you planning to include in the park? Will you have an outdoor fitness area, a sports field, or a dog park. Remember, the kind of amenities available will determine the type of people that visit the playground. For instance, a fitness area would draw in both adults and kids, while sporting fields will draw in community and school teams. With a rough idea of the people that will visit the park, you can determine the type of equipment you will need to purchase.

Your church is the pride of your community, a friendly place where families come to worship, learn, engage with each other, and enjoy a respite from their hectic lives. Adding a playground to your other amenities can enhance your image in the community, attract new families to your congregation, and offer additional benefits for the parents and kids who use it. If you’re considering building a playground or upgrading your current equipment, here are five good reasons to move forward.

1. A church playground is inviting.

If your playground can be seen from the street, even partially, it sends a positive message about your faith community. It tells everyone who drives by that your church is family friendly, that you care about children, and that fun and recreation are an important part of church life for your congregation.

2. A church playground promotes health benefits.

Studies have shown that kids who enjoy active outdoor playtime do better in school, have improved attention spans, and experience less stress. By offering children a bright, engaging, safe place to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while experiencing the joy of movement, you’re promoting a healthier lifestyle for your littlest members.

3. A church playground gets kids away from screens.

Even small kids are suffering from the same “screen addiction” as their parents, spending hour after hour staring at TV, computer, or smartphone screens. When they come to your church playground, they have the chance interact with other kids and their parents on a personal, face-to-face level.

4. A church playground promotes fellowship.

When kids interact at a playground, they learn teamwork, empathy, and appreciation for the things that make their playmates special. Even activities as simple as deciding who goes first on the slide can benefit the development of interactive skills that will serve them well later in life.

5. A church playground attracts young families.

If you’re trying to attract younger families to your church, installing a bright, modern playground is a perfect first step. Not only will young moms and dads feel welcome in your congregation, but they’ll also be more likely to stay after services and engage with others while their kids enjoy some outdoor fun.


If you’ve been thinking about improving your church landscape with a new playground — or replacing an old one — there’s never been a better time to move forward. And if we can help, give us a call at (713) 939-9888 and let’s talk about what we can create for you!

“We’d love to have a playground — we just don’t have the space.” Next to lack of budget, lack of space is one of the most commonly heard objections when church, neighborhood, or school groups propose adding a playground. But with a little creativity (and the right partner, of course), you can build a fun, engaging play area even if space is in short supply. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Choose a predesigned structure made for small spaces. Many predesigned playground structures are optimized to make the most of a small area. For example, the MaxPlay 3 model packs in 11 play elements with just a 29’x31’ footprint.
  2. Make the most of freestanding pieces. Take a modular approach and select a few multifunctional freestanding pieces to offer multiple play elements in a compact area.
  3. Work with landscape elements. Look for ways to incorporate trees and other natural elements in your play space design. As an added bonus, you’ll help kids develop a special appreciation for the beauty of nature while they’re having fun.
  4. Have a playground custom-built for your facility. This option is especially useful for very small, oddly-shaped, or otherwise limited spots. Have an experienced design team put together a custom structure that’s tailor made for your space and the kids and families you serve.

The AllPlay team is at your service to create the perfect playground for your church, school, or neighborhood park — no matter how much space you have. Just give us a call at (713) 939-9888 and let’s talk about what we can design for you!

As we know, outdoor play is vital for the development of all children, and we need to ensure that their outdoor experiences are as safe as possible. Playground safety surfacing reduces the risk of injuries by providing a cushion that absorbs the impact of a fall.


To provide effective playground surfacing, it’s important to use shock-absorbing materials that are inspected regularly. The most popular safety surfacing options include engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, poured-in-place rubber, and synthetic turf.


If you choose a loose surface for your playground, you may be wondering about the practical differences between engineered wood and rubber. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has identified both wood fiber and rubber mulches as “appropriate surfacing” for playgrounds, so it comes down to which option better suits your needs. Let’s take a closer look at both.


Engineered wood fiber is manufactured from fresh wood and provides an all-weather surface. Because of the way it’s processed, the fiber contains no materials or debris that could be harmful to kids. Engineered wood fiber complies with ASTM F 1951 guidelines for public playground surface accessibility and, even though it’s a loose surface, is wheelchair accessible. It’s also among the more cost effective and sustainable playground surfaces available in the market.


Rubber mulch is made mostly from re-processed tires. Studies have shown that, inch-for-inch, rubber mulch offers greater shock-absorbing capacity, and it provides a softer landing than wood. It also lasts longer and requires less maintenance; because the material is denser than wood, it’s less likely to be washed away in heavy rain or to blow away in windy weather. When considering rubber mulch, your budget will be a factor, as it tends to cost more per square foot than wood fiber.


Remember, your playground is a long-term investment, so it’s important to carefully review your options for each element, including safety surfacing. Check your budget and also consider your maintenance schedule, as some options require more maintenance than others. It’s also vital to follow all local laws that pertain to safety surfacing and to have your playground inspected regularly by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.


If you need more assistance deciding which safety surface is right for you, give us a call at (713) 939-9888 and we’ll be happy to help.


The summer break is almost over and late August is upon us. This can only mean one thing: the start of the school year is right around the corner!


Most back-to-school planning focuses on the classroom; however, it’s equally important to prepare the playground. Outdoor play areas provide children with crucial benefits to childhood development such as an ideal environment for exercise and exploration, socialization, and connection with nature, so we need to make sure they’re ready for action.


Here are a few ways to get your playground ready to ensure outdoor fun throughout the school year:

1. Check for defective equipment

Kids are usually excited to be back from vacation and to reunite with friends. We certainly wouldn’t want the year to start with the playground off-limits due to defective equipment. Be sure to repair any damage before school reopens.

2. Check safety surfacing

Inadequate playground safety surfacing is the number one cause of preventable playground injuries from falls. If you have wood fiber or rubber bark, ensure they are at an adequate level for the fall height of the structure. If you have rubber tile, ensure there are no gaps or tears in the material.

3. Check for loose hardware

Take a close look at all your playground equipment to make sure nothing has come loose since the last official inspection. Tighten any loose hardware to ensure the equipment functions correctly and does not pose any hazards.

4. Check for rust and rot

Always be on the lookout for rust on metal components and rotting of wooden equipment. Rust is normally not an issue when it first starts, but it can be a major problem later on. Take care of any kind of rot immediately, because unlike rust, rot creates an immediate safety hazard.

5. Make sure your fall zones are clear

Always double-check to see whether your fall zones are clear. Playgrounds that are not regularly inspected often end up having objects placed within the fall zones by kids during their play time. These objects pose a safety hazard, especially at the bottom of slides and underneath climbing equipment and swings.


And of course, always ensure that kids are supervised on play equipment by trained staff to minimize the risk of injuries. Here’s to a fun — and safe — school year for all!

If your organization is looking to save money on your recreational space, the lure of used playground equipment is tough to resist. Do a quick search and you’ll find any number of offers for “lightly used” playground equipment that looks as good as new but costs much less. What could go wrong?


Plenty, as it turns out. While you could save yourself a few dollars up front by buying used versus new, you could also be buying numerous problems down the road.

1. No Warranty

Regardless of the age of the equipment, warranties cannot be transferred from owner to owner. If any previous use caused subtle damage to the equipment — such as hairline cracks or weakened joints — that later require repairs, you’ll be on the hook for the costs.

2. Problems with Replacement Parts

If future repairs require replacement parts, they may not be available from the manufacturer. Replacement parts carry their own warranties, and the manufacturer may not be willing to sell you a warrantied part for equipment that’s out of warranty due to the change in ownership. If the equipment is considerably older, the manufacturer may no longer even be in business.

3. Wear and Tear

Remember that this is a long-term investment, and there’s no way to know for sure whether the previous owner kept up with routine maintenance. And even well-maintained equipment from reputable manufacturers deteriorates over time, so you won’t get as many years’ use out of used equipment as you will with new.

4. Relocation Stress

Moving playground equipment from one place to another can stress the equipment and lead to broken or lost parts, and you may not be able to obtain replacements (see #2).

5. Safety Risks

The used equipment may have been built according to safety regulations that are now outdated, and the cost of bringing it up to code — if that’s even possible — can negate any savings you may have expected in the deal.


When you’re looking to purchase playground equipment, it’s important to consider all the costs — not just the purchase price, but future costs as well. In most cases, the future costs of owning used equipment will negate any up-front savings you may see today, so buying new is the safer choice.



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