Playgrounds are critical for encouraging activity and teamwork. Children frequently need to work together in schools to support a positive learning environment. Research suggests that children can benefit much from free outdoor play, which helps them grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. We are a Commercial playground company for your playground.

As a result, it is our job to maintain playgrounds and make them safer. However, people often ask whether or not it is easy to install a playground. So, here are some tips for installing a playground described below.

Tips for Installing a Playground

The following are a few pointers to consider when contacting a reputable playground equipment supplier to install a playground.

  • Site Preparation

The construction of the cement footers for the columns and beams is the most challenging and critical part of the installation. For this reason, we supply a computer-aided drawing of the footer size, spacing, and other details. 

Most contractors have the necessary experience to dig deep holes and construct concrete bases for steel posts. Preparing the site and laying out the footers helps the next chores go much more quickly and ensure the playground is safe from scratch.

  • Examining the Stockpile

Before beginning the playground installation procedure, ensure you have all the necessary pieces. As a result, inventory should begin with the basic packing list that comes with each project. It’s also necessary to check that all equipment is present and undamaged.

  • Product Safekeeping

When play equipment arrives on a job site, we bundle it to ensure it arrives safely and undamaged. However, the packaging materials are unsuitable for long-term storage in an uncontrolled environment. 

The moisture from the outdoors combined with the heat created inside the plastic bag may cause harm to the powder-coated products’ finishes. Big sheets of polythene plastic (panels, arch bridge panels, sliding hoods, etc.) are stored flat or well-supported to prevent warping.

  • Linking the Play Decks

Prepping the play decks is another minor barrier in installing our playground equipment after the steel pillars. This phase requires a couple of extra sets of hands. If the preceding posts installing procedures aren’t done correctly, connecting the decks to the posts is extremely difficult.

If everything goes well, it’s crucial to ensure that while erecting the decks, the height accounts for the depth of the safety surface material with the sides properly leveled.

  • Checklist for Playground Safety

Once your playground is installed, it is critical to ensure that it remains safe for children to use, functions effectively, and protects children from danger. Make use of our Playground Safety Checklist as a guide we are commercial playground company!

Final Words

According to a survey, most parents believe sports are necessary for their children. Additionally, 88% believe outdoor play helps children cope with the mental effects of social injustice in the United States. 

Thus, commercial playground company All Play, Inc. offers the experience and ability to assist you in finding or building a playground that matches the needs of your school. We’ve dedicated ourselves to constructing enjoyable and safe playgrounds for all children. Contact us today for more information.

Every parent wants the best for their child. No compromise on their education or safety is tolerable. Then why overlook their playtime? Playgrounds take up an essential part of a child’s time. Thus parents must pay attention to the playground equipment.

Aging playground equipment may need fixing or replacing depending on its condition. While both processes are costly, they are imperative for the safety of children. So let us look at the various aspects of aging playground equipment.

When is it time to replace the equipment?

The time to replace the playground equipment depends on factors like:

  • Material of the equipment
  • Weather conditions
  • The extent of use of equipment
  • The level of maintenance

Generally, commercial playground equipment needs replacement in eight to ten years. Occasionally, some maintenance is required as well.

The maintenance differs depending on whether the equipment is wooden, metallic, or plastic. Wood is the most long-lasting, and metal is the second best. Metal may rust quickly and get heated up under powerful sunlight. Plastic may even melt in an extremely hot climate.

Besides these, there are some clear indicators for when it is time to replace your equipment like:

  • Visible wear and tear: Rust and scrapings on a metal slide, rotting wood after the monsoon are some causes for immediate concern.
  • Broken equipment can be hazardous and ruin the playground experience. If a piece is missing or sharp broken edges are exposed, replace it.

A Certified Playground Safety Inspector(CPSI) can enumerate the exact playground equipment which needs replacing and why. So schedule regular appointments with a CPSI.

Why should you replace aging playground equipment?

Even though the commercial equipment is becoming more child-friendly, extensive wear and tear render it defective or dangerous. So let us look at some reasons why you should consider replacing it.

    1. Safety

A playground is supposed to be a safe and joyful environment. Some accidents are inevitable, but they should be avoided by taking some steps. Broken equipment or missing pieces pose a threat to the well-being of children. Moreover, rust and corroded equipment are also harmful to them. If any equipment needs repair multiple times, it might be time to replace it.

 2 .Explore Better Options

All children need new and unique things to keep them engaged. They will get bored of the monotony of a simple slide or the classic swing. So, when the time comes for replacing, you can consider more modern options. Now there are many innovations available. These include swings with an extra seat for adults and toddlers, musical equipment, etc. Commercial playground equipment that combines technology and outdoor games is also in demand.

Additionally, there is equipment for the differently-abled kids also. Hence, you could revamp your playground with modern trends.

Final Words

While replacing equipment might be expensive, it is responsible and practical. All Play Inc. understands your concerns and is there for you. Our competitive prices and wide range of commercial playground equipment make us the best choice. So click on this link to find out more!

Playgrounds are like children’s own small worlds. Kids learn to run, fall and get up again. They learn empathy, teamwork, and most importantly, they grow in this environment. So ensuring the playground is fun and interactive is every parent’s responsibility.

While playgrounds are meant for kids, building them is no child’s play. Which equipment is the most fun? Do you need to buy commercial playground equipment? How to make a playground safer? Now, let us address these queries in this guide.

What makes a playground fun?

Simply letting your kids run around in an empty park will bore them quickly. Kids need constant engagement and eye-catching structures. So how to keep them stimulated?

Children respond well to visual stimuli like bright colours, themed parks, etc. So make the playground colourful and incorporate shapes through different structures. Moreover, the playground should be inclusive. Remember, a playground is a common area for all kids with varying abilities. Catering to the needs of everyone inculcates values like empathy and generosity in your children and normalizes differences.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, if you want a less crowded space for your child, you can opt for at-home playgrounds. You can buy some commercial equipment and install it at your convenience.

Now let us look at the most popular playground equipment.

What is the most popular playground equipment?

Playground equipment is specially designed for children to learn while having fun. They are simple yet immersive. They develop a child’s motor and sensory skills naturally.

Playground equipment can be classical or modern.

  • Classical

This equipment has withstood the test of time and continues to be interactive for children. Some examples include:

      1. Swings

Swings are everyone’s favorites. There is a reason pushing your kid on a swing is the imagery of parenting. It can be a bonding activity for parents and kids.

      2. Slides

Slides are available in many forms. Classical slides are always an option, but intricate slides help kids hone their navigation skills. They also create more opportunities for activities in a limited space.

      3. Monkey bars

Monkey bars are structures that focus solely on increasing arm strength. Children enjoy the challenge of swinging from one rod to the next. Even teenagers can use monkey bars for exercises like pull-ups.

      4. Climbers

Climbers of all types are beneficial for kids. Be it dome-shaped or a mesh of ropes, children of all ages enjoy climbing equipment.

Other playground pieces of equipment include clay molding, easels for practicing art, painting, etc.

  • Modern

Modern commercial playground equipment aims to be more diverse and inclusive by including water-based pieces, trampolines for wheelchair users, etc. Now audial stimulating games like Concerto and bridge with bells are also popular.

Final Words

Modern playground pieces of equipment are a fruitful investment. It can be a personal or community effort. Whatever the circumstances may be, All Play Inc. is there for you. We are a committed and friendly organisation with the best and safest options for your child. So why wait? Click on this link and start browsing!



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