Every parent wants the best for their child. No compromise on their education or safety is tolerable. Then why overlook their playtime? Playgrounds take up an essential part of a child’s time. Thus parents must pay attention to the playground equipment.

Aging playground equipment may need fixing or replacing depending on its condition. While both processes are costly, they are imperative for the safety of children. So let us look at the various aspects of aging playground equipment.

When is it time to replace the equipment?

The time to replace the playground equipment depends on factors like:

  • Material of the equipment
  • Weather conditions
  • The extent of use of equipment
  • The level of maintenance

Generally, commercial playground equipment needs replacement in eight to ten years. Occasionally, some maintenance is required as well.

The maintenance differs depending on whether the equipment is wooden, metallic, or plastic. Wood is the most long-lasting, and metal is the second best. Metal may rust quickly and get heated up under powerful sunlight. Plastic may even melt in an extremely hot climate.

Besides these, there are some clear indicators for when it is time to replace your equipment like:

  • Visible wear and tear: Rust and scrapings on a metal slide, rotting wood after the monsoon are some causes for immediate concern.
  • Broken equipment can be hazardous and ruin the playground experience. If a piece is missing or sharp broken edges are exposed, replace it.

A Certified Playground Safety Inspector(CPSI) can enumerate the exact playground equipment which needs replacing and why. So schedule regular appointments with a CPSI.

Why should you replace aging playground equipment?

Even though the commercial equipment is becoming more child-friendly, extensive wear and tear render it defective or dangerous. So let us look at some reasons why you should consider replacing it.

    1. Safety

A playground is supposed to be a safe and joyful environment. Some accidents are inevitable, but they should be avoided by taking some steps. Broken equipment or missing pieces pose a threat to the well-being of children. Moreover, rust and corroded equipment are also harmful to them. If any equipment needs repair multiple times, it might be time to replace it.

 2 .Explore Better Options

All children need new and unique things to keep them engaged. They will get bored of the monotony of a simple slide or the classic swing. So, when the time comes for replacing, you can consider more modern options. Now there are many innovations available. These include swings with an extra seat for adults and toddlers, musical equipment, etc. Commercial playground equipment that combines technology and outdoor games is also in demand.

Additionally, there is equipment for the differently-abled kids also. Hence, you could revamp your playground with modern trends.

Final Words

While replacing equipment might be expensive, it is responsible and practical. All Play Inc. understands your concerns and is there for you. Our competitive prices and wide range of commercial playground equipment make us the best choice. So click on this link to find out more!



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