Meet the Team

The Team Behind the Fun

We’re not just building playgrounds, we’re building memories! It takes a special kind of magic to turn your dream playground into reality. That’s where our team of playground experts, design wizards, and installation ninjas come in. Working together, they create spaces that spark imagination, unleash laughter, and leave kids with experiences they’ll never forget.

Graham Feidler

I’m Graham Feidler and I am a 3rd generation playground guy. I grew up in ball pits and my picture was on playground brochures and catalogs. Now I am following in my dad and grandfather’s foot steps to bring fun, quality playground equipment to you. I’m excited to help design your next park or playground project.

Cameron Cole

I’m Cameron Cole, a graduate of Texas Tech University, and a 2nd generation fun expert. I grew up meeting some of you at the age of 3 when I was a product tester and was referred to as a color coordinator. Now I have the opportunity to design your next playground and carry on our legacy. I want to make your dream playground or park a reality, and that can go as far as your imagination.

John Cole

“My name is John Cole, and I started with All Play, Inc in 2003. My three “product testers”, two sons & a daughter, keep me and my wonderful wife of 20+ years very busy. My background prior to All Play is in construction and sales. I enjoy designing a playground for you to maximize your space and budget. To see the kids eyes light up when they run onto the playground for the first time is the highlight of my day.”