Commercial playground equipment is to be enjoyed by the whole community. One needs to choose the right equipment and material for a commercial playground. They need to be long-lasting and should require less maintenance. In this article, find the key factors and qualities of commercial playground companies in Houston.

Factors to consider

There are a few factors that one needs to consider before one starts installing commercial playground equipment.

Location of the park

Plan the location of your playground and the playground equipment in the park or commercial grounds. See how much space (including the overhead space) is allowed for the equipment. Make sure that you do not overcrowd the area with pieces of equipment and leave enough room for children to move around. 

Budget for the equipment

Allot a budget for the playground equipment, installation, site preparation, taxes, playground signage, and maintenance costs. Also, understand how much commercial playground equipment in Houston costs. 

The budget must be based on:

  1.  How many children you are targeting
  2.  The leveling of the ground, the space allotment,
  3.  If there are any extra requirements for maintenance or amenities
  4. The experience you want the kids to have
  5. The theme of your playground
  6. Customized work on the playground equipment

Target age group

For whom are you building the playground? Playground equipment changes according to the age group you target.

For example, toddler playground equipment includes spring riders, spiral slides, tunnels, and step ladders. On the other hand, elementary school-level playground equipment includes overhead rinds, seesaws, arch climbers, and vertical sliding poles.

Qualities of a playground equipment

After understanding the type of equipment that you require, it is time to understand the qualities you need to incorporate in your playground equipment.


The safety and security of a child is the biggest concern that you will have to tackle. Unsafe playgrounds are like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Make sure that the design of the commercial playground equipment is kid-friendly and safe.


To make the equipment safe make sure that you choose durable material. Durable material can withstand the wear and tear that is caused by the increased usage of the equipment. Be careful while installing this equipment because improper installation can lead to accidents.

Suitable for the environment

Understand your audience and make suitable arrangements in the playground equipment for them. commercial playground equipment in Houston provide a wide variety of equipment that is suitable for differently-able kids. 

ADA compliance

An important improvement that you can make while installing playground equipment in Houston includes ADA compliance. It increases your target group and is enjoyed by everyone.


Select your Commercial playground equipment based on the theme of the park. It makes playing exciting and inclusive. It also gives the children a feel for adventure and creativity.

There is a wide variety of commercial playground equipment that you can find in Houston. There is fun playground equipment for all age groups and all requirements. With 30 years of experience, All Play, Inc provides you with playgrounds where a child can play, laugh, and grow. Contact us today at (713) 939-9888.



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