Top Leading Commercial Playground Company for Equipment in Texas

We are one of the leading commercial playground company based in Houston that understands what it takes to create environments where children may play, laugh, and grow. Our professional playground equipment supplier is experts in turn-key solutions for Texas playgrounds and play spaces, providing play systems and commercial playground equipment that is durable, safe, and enjoyable.

The kids outdoor playground from All Play Inc. has the features that kids enjoy, as well as the high-quality design, engineering, and installation that can please anyone.

We Are The Non-Pareil Commercial Playground Company for Equipment. Here’s Why!

Excellent Grade Commercial Playground Company

All of the demanding quality criteria are met as the leading commercial playground company and supplier. The highest-graded steel is used in the equipment building, resulting in exceptionally sturdy and strong final products with a longer product life. Weather-resistant plastic makes slides, panels, and other similar goods.

We Hear You Out

We hear our customers out and make every effort to understand their requirements, whether it is in terms of product design or the price point. That is one of many reasons why our customers choose us.

On-Point After-Sales Service

Our job isn’t done after the equipment is sold. Even after that, we give suitable support services based on the needs and demands of the clients.

A Broad Spectrum Of Equipment

We provide a large selection of unique playground equipment in various price ranges. Commercial playground company for equipment, swing components, safety surfacing, park shelters, and shade canopies are among our many products.

Commercial Playground Company: Deliver Seamless Experiences

We provide every customer with timely services and a hassle-free experience. Our commercial playground company ensures that all customer-related questions are promptly answered, and that rapid assistance is provided.

We Prioritize Quality

All our items are put through a series of quality checks to ensure that what we offer you is of the highest quality. Because we put 100 percent effort into our job, you will never have any problems or questions about what we provide. Depending on the terms and conditions, all products come with a year-long guarantee.

A Happy Clientele

Our customers are all pleased with the services we provide. They enthusiastically refer our company to anyone looking for Commercial Playground company Sets in Houston. You can read their customer reviews to learn more about their amazing services.

Unparalleled Advantages of Our Equipment?

  • Use of highest graded steel
  • Sturdy and strong equipment
  • Long life of the products
  • Weather resistant
  • Rust-Proof, and much more!

Why Invest in Our Products?

Customized Solutions

We fully comprehend the requirements of our customers and offer them tailor-made equipment for their needs. Whether you need a theme-based park, a park for varying age groups, an adventure park, or whatever is related to commercial playground company – we meet all your expectations. Only you are in charge of the design and the budget specifications of your commercial playgrounds- and we provide you with the best equipment!

Efficient Support

Our work doesn’t end with the equipment installation – we are here to listen and support you through every minor inconvenience you face regarding your commercial playground !


We offer a plethora of options for the customers to choose from that often leave our clients perplexed- as all the options are astounding! Our product range includes swing components, park shelters, shade canopies, safety surfacing, and all other playground equipment.


None of our equipment comes out in the market for sale without passing multiple quality checks with flying colors! We also offer guarantees on our products which we can count upon 100%!

Commercial Playground Company: Seamless Experience

Before or after installing the equipment, commercial playground company provides our customers with a seamless and hassle-free experience, whether in the form of physical assistance in answering customer queries.

Happy Clients

Still not ready to believe us? Maybe you can believe what our clientele has to say! Our satisfied customers refer to our customers enthusiastically because of their incredible experience with our company and its equipment!

Never-Ending Possibilities

Opportunities abound in the twenty-first century, and at All Play Inc, our commercial playground company uses playing to prepare for them. We create playing activities that engage children’s imaginations, challenge them to consider problems from fresh angles, and create space for ideas to blossom into fantastical worlds, promoting a lifelong love of learning.

Confident in Quality

Quality is important for customer happiness. Therefore we go above and beyond to ensure you have access to the greatest items available. We continuously strive to lower our carbon impact, adopt lean production to cut waste, and guarantee the timely delivery of our goods.

Safety is Essential

Our items undergo extensive testing and come with industry-leading guarantees, some of which are limited warranties that cover the play equipment for the duration of your ownership.

We Create Intelligent Play Experiences Rather Than Just Constructing Playgrounds

In terms of commercial playground company, All Play Inc is the best. With the support of our well-known brand and all the pleasure you’ve come to expect from us, we’re passionate about fostering unexpected adventures through play spaces.

Working with us means collaborating with a committed group of people who are committed to planning and constructing a stimulating playground that meets your company’s goals. Our playthings can be found in parks, schools, churches, houses of worship, childcare centers, and other public areas across the nation.

A Commercial Playground Company To Serve all Your Needs

All Play, Inc is a notable leader in manufacturing and selling all types of commercial playground equipment. We create imaginative and highly creative playing equipment to indulge children in activities that help them grow physically and mentally. We aim to create intelligent play experiences and not just basic playgrounds.

Contact us to learn more about building an intuitive playground within your budget and making the best of your play area!

We are a commercial playground company focused on creating a delightful playground experience for children while ensuring their safety. We take care of the amusement of the children as well as the concerns of the parents. We utilize your commercial playground spaces in the most streamlined manner so that you can install multiple safe equipment within your space and budget limitations.

Our high-quality design and superior technology equipment ensure that our installations stay intact for years and do not harm any child in the meanwhile.

Our team comprises the greatest technocrats working on product development and design. We’ve kept a close eye on the area of inventive development, where we may concentrate on more effective solutions. The number to call is (713) 939-9888. You can reach out to our specialists at any moment. We will be pleased to see you at our office.

We are top-notch well-known commercial playground company, All Play in Houston. We offer several playgrounds in Houston to provide entertainment and enjoyment for your children as they enjoy, exercise, laugh, cheer, and grow. Our goods are appealing, long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to use for children. We are a manufacturer of commercial playground equipment with an emphasis on high-quality goods.

All Play Inc. has been dedicated to offering unique and inclusive commercial playground designs for many years.



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