When do you think of a preschool what is the first thing that comes to mind? A micro-society, stepping stone, a second home, etc. The paramount connotation is of an arena for toddlers. With the adjectives as mentioned earlier, there is an extensive list of ways it caters to the overall development of its toddler. The playgrounds for preschools are an exemplification of a society instilling skills of adaptability, flexibility, group cohesion, and how to interact with peers of the same age group. With the right equipment, one can work on enhancing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, kinesthetic skills, and hand body coordination in toddlers.

An ocean of fantasy can be lived through a preschool playground equipment. Let’s explore equipment that will help your toddlers live that reverie.

Playgrounds for Preschools

Sky builder

Akin to the name, the sky builder comprises tall, enclosed decks with slides. The slides are made of non-slip steel and with a post and clamp system, making them safe for the child. The swift movement accompanied by the slight breeze on the child’s face is a one-of-a-kind experience. Climbing on the slide followed by an immediate rush and an exhilarating journey is what thrills the children. We have created distinctive parks with unprecedented designs. With its neutral colors and attractive appeal amidst nature, Nancy lane is an eye-catching and exciting escapade for children.

Max Play

The equipment of max play is a single podium with different kinds of platforms that help kids reach the podium; slide, rope climbing, tire climbing, etc. With physical endurance, usage of gross motor skills, and adaptability to the different movements, it is a playful venture for the child. Also, with many platforms for reaching the podium, it allows more children to engage in physical activity and interact with each other by helping and observing how to get better.


A fit body is said to be home to a refreshed mind. Nowadays, with the change in our lifestyles, much importance is given to fitness. You can install a fitness routine for your child from the beginning with variegated colorful fun equipment like the Bermuda Triangle, Homezed Willow, Huizenga park, etc. Children observe their parents’ fitness regime and follow it in their life. Our NRG preschool equipment is the ultimate preschool playground equipment design for the exuberance and fitness of toddlers.

NU Edge

Our team curates structures mimicking the natural environment to originate adventure at its peculiarity. The idiosyncratic parks created by our team will give your toddler a confluence of urban amenities and nature. There are various themes under the umbrella category of NU edge. The aqua color parks with anaconda ride, Hickory Lane Play with different lanes like rope climbing, slides, etc., all offer a wonderful experience to the toddlers.

Those mentioned above are a few pieces of equipment from the wide array of playground equipment designs that we provide. Make a conscious choice to curate kids outdoor playground as it’s the first step in their development. Install a fitness regime creatively right from the beginning.