The coldest days of winter are just ahead of us, and with them come additional challenges of playground safety and maintenance. Research shows that kids who play outside during winter tend to be healthier than those who stay indoors, so we need to make sure those kids have a safe place to play throughout the season. Paying extra attention to playground maintenance during the cold season helps ensure the safety of both the kids and your equipment, and here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


Winters can be rainy here in Texas, and precipitation can wash away the material that makes up your playground surface. Check the surfacing under and around all equipment at least once a week to make sure you have adequate cushioning to avoid injuries due to falls. Also, remember that freezing temperatures can decrease your surfacing’s impact attenuation (its ability to absorb shock), so always check it thoroughly after a hard freeze.

Wood Preservation

If you have wooden equipment on your playground, keep in mind that winter conditions can lead to wood degradation. Damaged wood may pose a safety hazard in addition to being expensive to replace. Use a non-toxic wood preservative on wooden structures to prevent deterioration, and also check for any loose-fitting elements that could be blown away by high winter winds.


Harsh weather conditions can loosen the hardware on your playground equipment, which presents a serious safety hazard. Inspect all hardware to make sure it’s secure before the coldest days of winter set in. This is important for ensuring the longevity of your equipment as well as for keeping kids safe from injury.

Stairs and Slides

While there’s little chance of snow here in south Texas, there’s always the possibility of icy conditions, which can make structures such as stairs and slides slippery and therefore dangerous. It’s important to monitor these structures and make sure they are dry and free of ice before kids engage in play. Also, remember to clear any standing water, as it can pose an additional hazard if it freezes.

Plan for Winter Attire

Winter scarves and hoods with drawstrings may pose choking hazards if they catch on to protruding or jagged surfaces, such as splitting wood or exposed bolts. Check your playground equipment for any elements that might snag winter clothing, and repair or replace as necessary.


To ensure the safest possible experience for kids who visit your playground this winter, have your grounds and equipment inspected by a certified professional who can identify any hazardous conditions. Areas to look out for include fall zones, pinch points, and protrusions. Once the problems are identified, make sure to complete any needed repairs and replacements promptly.


Winter maintenance benefits not only the kids who visit your playground, but your equipment as well. By identifying hazards and conducting any needed repairs promptly, you increase the lifespan of your equipment in addition to protecting the families you serve.