Summers are ideal for spending afternoons by the poolside or engaging in any fun activities. Children usually relish their afternoons at playgrounds. Yet, they need to be careful about the heat, especially with the rising temperatures. Preschool playground equipment is prone to getting hot when the temperature increases. Despite this, children love spending time outdoors. However, shade canopies in Houston create areas where children can have fun safely despite harsh sun rays. 

What are Shade Canopies in the Playground? 

Shade structures are one of the vital elements in playgrounds or outdoor spaces. It protects kids and equipment from harmful sun rays. These structures are especially put up in outdoor spaces and playgrounds so that people and children can enjoy the shade when outside. 

Shade canopies in Houston come in different sizes, designs, and colors. These variants can easily complement the current playground equipment.

Best Ways to Pitch In Shade Canopies in the Playground

When you plan to put up shade canopies, always consider the other equipment placed in the outdoor area along with the playground. This equipment includes benches and picnic tables. Let us discuss the four types of playground shade in Houston that will make sure that your play area stays cool and comfy all the time.

Hip Shade

Hip shades are required to cover an entire outdoor structure or the whole playground. They are durable. They give the playground a tidy look. Also, they help to withstand bad weather like snow or rain.  

Pyramid Shade

Pyramid structures possess a captivating rooftop design, characterized by a majestic peak that casts ample shade upon outdoor seating areas, playgrounds, and various communal spots. By combining multiple pyramids, one can extend the protective coverage over a larger expanse. These structures not only bestow an artistic flair upon play areas through their unique shapes and vibrant hues but also safeguard children from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Single post Umbrella 

Play areas that are spacious and equipped with various attractions, such as water tables, play panels, and freestanding climbers, require protection from the sun. A clever method to provide shade for different sections is by employing a variety of single-post umbrellas and crawl tubes. This ensures that the advantages of shaded zones can be relished even when observing from afar.

Shade waves

Wave structures offer a fresh and unique choice when it comes to adding beauty to a space. They bring a lively burst of colors to places that require shade from the sun. The distinctive shape of wave structures makes them a perfect fit for water facilities, pool areas, and outdoor seating arrangements.

Benefits of Shade Canopies in Houston

In Houston, shade canopies are no less than a breath of fresh air under the blazing sun in keeping kids safe. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) points out the sun is at its strongest between 10 am and 4 pm. That’s when shade canopies become kids’ best buddies. Here are some benefits: 

Protects from harsh UV rays

At school, kids spend recess time — between the morning and lunchtime — and lunchtime and early afternoon playing outdoors. As they now spend more time outdoors, it means they are more likely to suffer from heat and dehydration. The sun pours down its UV rays and sunburn.

Keep the play equipment cool. 

Commercial playground equipment can get extremely hot under direct sunlight. Shade canopies prevent these equipment from getting too hot on a summer day. These shade structures keep the playground material protected from getting damaged and ensure children’s safety.

Extended Lifespan

When rotomolded materials, such as slides and roofs, are exposed to direct sunlight, the equipment fades away. Shade canopies prevent fading and also protect equipment from other natural calamities like rain, hail, and snow. It thereby prolongs their lifespan.

Longer Playtime

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that children exposed to sunlight for extended periods may face serious risks of burning or skin cancer. Shade canopies prevent children from overheating. It also allows kids to play outdoor games without any hazards because now they can stay in the sun obliterated with these canopies for longer periods and continue their fun and play all day long. 

Wrapping Up  

At All Play, Inc., we aim to construct shade canopies in Houston that prioritize safety and aesthetic appeal. There are numerous advantages of shade canopies, and thus, we have incorporated them into the majority of our project plans. Our builders specialize in play systems and accessible playground equipment. We have selected several fantastic products that provide just the right level of shade to get all the benefits of using playground shade in Houston. Choose All Play, Inc., and structure your playground with shade canopies to let children laugh and play under a safe roof!