Kids need to grow up in an environment that encourages them to play and interact with their peers. These are highly sensitive years. Most of their brain development occurs during this period. So it is necessary to stimulate these brain muscles to ensure their proper nourishment. Going out in the fresh air and playing is a great way to do that.

But unfortunately, instead of taking their kids to playgrounds, most parents prefer to hand them an iPad. It is an easy fix but not an effective one. Kids, these days, see more of their favorite YouTubers than their friends. If this doesn’t already concern you, it should. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. Since kids are no longer interested in going outside, we need to ensure that the outside world is tempting enough to engage them.

Here are the top 4 trends that will reignite their love for playgrounds:

Loud Colors

The best way to pique a child’s interest is by stimulating their senses. It plays a crucial role in the cognitive development of a kid. This is why kids tend to like brighter colors. They are more stimulating and interesting. So, please don’t be shy when using loud colors in your playground. Use fun-colored commercial playground equipment to add liveliness to your ground. Children will overlook dull and pale colors, and so will your playground. 

Little things

And it’s not just limited to the choice of your colors. It’s important to pique the interest of the rest of their senses as well. Whether it be the ears through sound or the skin through touch, it doesn’t have to be some complicated commercial playground equipment either. It can be the simpler things too. 

Close your eyes and try to imagine a younger version of you sitting on a seesaw. Before you can even visualize that, you’ll hear the faint sound of ‘zing’ a seesaw makes. Sometimes it’s the little things that garner the most attention.

Incorporating sound

Even though the little things matter, there’s no shame in going all out. You can find new and creative ways to incorporate sound into the commercial playground equipment. Instead of a normal, boring ol’ slide, you can invest in roller slides. When you roll down this slide, its rollers make a sound loud enough to attract the attention of every kid in the playground. This adds a bit of spice to otherwise tame commercial playground equipment

Trusting touch

Another sense that is worth stimulating is touch. It is worth every penny to incorporate a piece of commercial playground equipment that involves relying on our sense of touch. Monkey bars are a great example. It requires you to touch each bar to move on to the next. Basing our trust on our touch forces our brain to activate fight or flight mode, releasing a load of adrenaline throughout our body. 

This dream playground can be all yours if you give All Play Does It All a chance. Their parts will help build not just your ideal playground but also a place your kids can truly come alive. 



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