It is high quality and competitively priced product line designed specifically for children’s play areas. Whether it is to be placed beneath playground equipment or simply for a running play zone, the ASTM and ADA compliant product is adaptable to achieve the best suited functionality even at varying fall heights.


  • No grass loss from foot traffic or play
  • Always green and is unaffected by weather extremes or use
  • Wear is extremely minimal: natural grass, mulch, etc. can not compete
  • Consistent, neat play area sends a message of cared-for kids
  • Non-abrasive surface for fewer skinned knees and elbows
  • Dirt, mud and grass cuttings are no longer tracked into classrooms, cars and homes
  • No grass stains, no dirty clothing, no dirty hands
  • Area can be used continuously because it’s more resilient than natural grass
  • Replaces the moisture-rich, natural-grass nesting ground for insects such as fire ants and underground bee’s nests
  • Elimination of grass pollen allergies
  • No hidden or buried foreign objects to cut little hands and feet