At All Play, we value the significance of inclusive play spaces. For us, a playground is more than a place of fun and games. It is a space where children prosper and their imaginations soar. This space and its equipment must boast inclusivity, safety, and quality. Our compassionate and dedicated team, with their innovative approach, has designed and created the finest quality, safe, and unique playground equipment. Our accessible playground equipment promises the utmost joy to kids with different abilities and peace of mind to parents and educators.

Essential Qualities of Accessible Playground Equipment?

All Play aims to provide top-notch and accessible playground equipment that fosters inclusion, promotes physical activity, and sparks joy. Such equipment ensures that children of all abilities can play and interact together. For the same, it must meet ADA safety standards. The Americans with Disabilities Act’s guidelines for accessible playground equipment and surfaces are:

Benefits of All Play’s Accessible Playground Equipment

Promoting inclusivity, togetherness, and the best growth in kids, All Play’s accessible playground equipment is designed to provide the following benefits;

Increase Physical Activity

Children with mobility challenges deserve access to playgrounds that meet their needs and help with physical growth. Physical activity is prominent for their overall health and well-being. Hence, All Play’s accessible playground equipment provides easy-to-use play equipment like slides, climbers, and sensory equipment to improve the physical activities of disabled kids.

Enhance Social Skills

All Play’s inclusive playground equipment lets children with disabilities interact with their peers in a safe and supportive environment. It promotes a feeling of inclusivity and community. When playground equipment is accessible to all, kids with different abilities develop social skills and make friends.

Boost Self-confidence

Self-esteem in early childhood is essential as it contributes to overall personality growth. Utilizing the same play equipment as their peers helps children with disabilities feel more capable, confident, and good about themselves.

Accessible Playground Equipment We Offer at All Play

From custom solutions to pre-designed inclusive equipment, we offer a wide variety of accessible playground equipment.

Adventure with Billy’s Playground and Gliders: 

Comprising ship bow and fun treasure hunt tools, Billy’s playground equipment has a thematic element, captivating designs, and an adventurous experience for kids. 

The toddlers and kids will love a play space comprising our inclusive ship-theme playground equipment that is not just fascinating but extremely safe and sturdy. Additionally, our Rock’N Ship Glider with wheelchair accessibility promises a secure and comfortable fun experience for all kids.

Revolution Spinner: 

Our traditional merry-go-rounds exhibit a perfect blend of vibrancy, innovation and quality. This accessible playground equipment comprises a durable structure, smooth finishing, and non-hazardous material. 

All Play’s inclusive, and motion play spinners suit children of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Our merry-go-round, which is available in two different sizes, has comfortable and safe chairs and a standing area. It is wheelchair-accessible and has space for caregivers, too.

Concerto Play Equipment: 

Musical equipment is best for children’s skill enhancement and mental growth. All Play’s concerto musical equipment is designed to support the musical fondness of every kid, including those with disabilities.

Its accessible angle, height, and thoughtful structure ensure that every kid can enjoy making music. Our musical play tools’ innovative design includes rubber mallets, a metallic rattle, and diatonic scale tuning for sensory stimulation.

Inclusive Swing Sets: 

Swing sets are the classic and all-time favorite play equipment for kids. They allow them to feel the wind and experience immense joy, but this classic equipment raises several safety concerns. However, our inclusive swing sets meet ADA safety standards and guarantee secure playtime for all the kids. 

The All Play’s inclusive swing seat boasts extra support like an attached back and headrest, safety features like a three-point harness, durable chains, and additional room. The safety and comfort features of our inclusive swing sets are well-researched and tested to ensure kids with or without disabilities can access and enjoy the fun of swings.

Accessible Slides and Tunnel: 

All Play’s inclusive slides, with wide ramps, appropriate size, and gentle slopes, accommodate children with mobility challenges and promise a safe and enjoyable experience for all. In addition, our hippo tunnel comprises anatomy labeled in various languages, including Braille.

Custom Playground equipment

Our dedicated team also creates accessible playground equipment tailored to different preferences and visions. For the same, the process includes booking a consultation, site analysis, design models and 3D renderings, and final customization. Have a custom playground equipment requirement? Contact us today.