Summer’s here, and isn’t it the time to soak up the sun and play outside? Children prefer commercial and community playgrounds where they spend their time socializing. Setting up a play area might seem like an arduous task. But with the correct input, it is a rather exciting one! With this guide, learn to choose the right commercial playground equipment and install it perfectly.

Proper Equipment – How to Choose

Numerous factors decide the type of equipment one needs to purchase to install in the playground.

  • Age Range: If you are planning on making the playground open to all children, you will be opting for diverse equipment. Or, you could go for age-specific facilities, if you have an age range in your mind.
  • Location and Safety Measures: An area that is to be dedicated for a playground needs to meet certain specific conditions. For example, the ground should be leveled and debris-free. Preferably, this area must be away from any hazards.
  • Type: Commercial playground equipment is either made of metal with plastic components or wooden structures.

You should also keep in mind the number of equipment, the surfacing of the ground, and your budget.

Installation of The Commercial Playground Equipment

Generally, there are two ways in which the installation is done. One can install the equipment by themselves or call for professional services and leave it in their hands.


Before you jump into the process and start installing the playground equipment, remember that the company from which you have bought the equipment will not offer any installation warranty. So, any risk during the installation process will be wholly on you. Also, ensure that you have all the necessary tools for the installation process.

A solid foundation is always vital to a play area. Ensure that the place you have chosen fulfills all the requirements that a children’s playground needs. To get the regulation guidelines right, you will have to consult the American Society for Testing Materials and the consumer product safety commission.

When it comes to heavy commercial playground equipment like the swing set or a slider, anchor them steadily to the ground. It is for the best if you anchor these in cement, as they tend to hold on rigidly. Follow the guidelines that come along with the equipment and set them up in the correct way.

Installation by Professionals

This way is the best choice when installing the playground equipment, as the professionals will be manufacturer-certified and experienced. They will possess all the necessary tools and will also clean up the area once the job is finished. You get the advantage of an installation warranty too.

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It is summertime and is best known for outdoor playing. Kids prefer community or commercial playgrounds where they can play along with their friends. Even we allow them to go to a playground that helps them socialize, but how do we know that the commercial playground equipment is safe.

For this, we must find a good playground equipment manufacturer. 

Finding a kids playground equipment manufacturer is not an easy task; many things need to be kept in mind while looking. You can simply search online and find many commercial playground equipment manufacturers, or you can even search it offline. Read more to know the things to keep in mind when you look for a kids playground equipment manufacturer?

Site Appraisal and Planning

You should look for a manufacturer that emphasizes on-site appraisal and plan accordingly. A manufacturer that plans is better and can do things according to the needs. A location designated for a playground must meet certain requirements. The ground, for example, should be leveled and debris-free. This area should ideally be free of any dangers. It is vital to examine the size of the chosen region, the available budget, and the set goals.

Innovation and Design

Look for such a commercial playground equipment manufacturer that could design custom playground equipment innovatively. Manufacturers that could think innovatively can give you suggestions.

Safety and installation

All the equipment is made of plastic and metals. So, when you leave your kid to play, the safety of your child will be your priority. So, you must look for such a commercial playground equipment manufacturer that provides quality material and does the installation taking safety into consideration. If the installation is improper, then there is a chance of equipment failure, which may lead to further casualty. The safety of the kids must be the priority.


When you look for a kids commercial playground equipment manufacturer, budget is a thing that you should keep in mind. If a manufacturer that satisfies all your needs but is out of your budget is no use for you. So, before looking for the manufacturer, finalize your budget.

Credibility and Experience

As so many companies will pop out when you search online for a kids commercial playground manufacturer, so you must see if there is a testimonial or not. If the reviews and ratings are good, that means they are working well. And if someone suggests you offline, then there is a high chance of their credibility. So only opt for those manufactures which already have enough experience and have testimonials to prove their credibility.

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