Imagine the sky is intense and clear blue, the sun is in its maximum splendor, the breeze relieves the heat and there are no duties to fulfill. In those days, staying home is not an option. So, why don’t you take the opportunity with your children to play outdoor games and introduce them to Commercial Playground Equipment.

The outdoor games are considered very important for the intellectual, emotional and social development of children. It balances and harmonizes motor learning in a child’s behaviour by integrating skills in a coherent way. In addition, it offers benefits to the family as a whole.

The benefits of outdoor play go beyond the endowment that a wind-blown environment offers to the lungs. Outdoor games mean autonomy, freedom and joy. They are the ideal space to foster new friendships and give children the opportunity to grow up healthy and have a good emotional development.

Keeping that in mind, given below are some benefits of outdoor play for your kids that can help them grow and learn!

  • Stimulation of Creativity

Playing outside forces children to think creatively. The little ones must investigate their environment, discover what surrounds them and invent a game with what they have in hand! Although it is true that in playgrounds everything is prepared for children to entertain themselves, in reality it is the children themselves who find entertainment, and that is great!

  • Promotion of Socialization

In the park your children play with other children their age, talk, have fun. These situations help them socialize, make friends, and learn established norms.

  • Experimenting the World

When you take your children for a walk outdoors you are giving them the possibility of discovering the world that surrounds them through the five senses. Children have a curious mind and they like discovering new things everyday. Playing with commercial playground equipment, takes them a step closer towards experimenting new things.

  • Physical Exercise

One of children’s favorite outdoor games is running, jumping, climbing, etc. All these activities involve physical exercise and that is exactly what your little ones need!

  • Family Union

Taking a moment away from technology and home can help you create some memories together. If we put the mobile aside and focus on outdoor games, it will be easy to share different activities with our children and even be amazed with them when discovering new things.

  • Vision Care

Outdoor play has another amazing benefit when they take their eyes off the screen. By taking your children out for play, you take care of their eyes, preventing them from spending too many hours in front of the screens.

All Play, Houston

At All Play we know that outdoor play is a fundamental pillar in child development. Therefore, we have developed Commercial Playground Equipment where we ensure to provide children a very healthy environment for recreational activities.

All our equipments are made with antimicrobial  and non-toxic material that is totally safe for your children. So, get your child involved with All Play and get ready to watch them having fun all the way with our Commercial Playground Equipment.

The Commercial Playgrounds in Houston are especially dedicated to children. In fact, in many cases, access to those over a certain age is prohibited. Although the parents or guardians of the little ones can accompany them, the most common is that they play alone. For this reason, it is important to ensure the good maintenance of commercial playgrounds.

How Important is the Maintenance of a Commercial Playground?

When it comes to playing, children do not skimp on excitement. What they most want is to run and have fun until they get tired. 

Depending on where the playground is installed, there are people responsible for carrying out preventive maintenance at that particular location. The playground maintenance needs to be performed periodically to ensure that everything is regulated and installed safely. Three types of playground inspections are recommended: daily, monthly, and semi-annual – each of them should take a deeper look into the situation of the toys. 

Also, other aspects of a playground need constant checking, such as parts, paint, flooring, and cleaning. Next, let’s learn a little more about playground maintenance!

4 Tips for Maintenance of Commercial Playground in Houston

  • Suitable Toys 

This is undoubtedly the main tip to start maintenance on a children’s playground: check if the playground toys are under the requirements of toys safety guidance. Remember, some safety standards are specific to children’s playgrounds – rules that serve to ensure the protection of children.

  • Check for Wear and Deterioration of Toys

The next step for commercial playground maintenance in Houston is to verify that the toys do not show physical wear or deterioration due to misuse, rough handling, or weather. Toys can have visible cracks, rust, component breakage, loose screws and nails, loose fittings, and peeling paint, and if some of these cases are occurring, the repair is necessary, so there are no possible accidents.

  • Regular Cleaning of the Site

The place where the playground is installed needs to be kept clean and airy. A dirty environment can be a big focus for fungi, bacteria, worms, and viruses. What can help keep the space clean is to create usage rules, where, for example, food and beverages are not allowed, animals are not allowed, among other regulations that help keep the environment sanitized.

  • Usage Rules are also Part of Maintenance

And speaking of usage rules, they are also part of playground maintenance. After all, if toys are not used correctly, the chance of wear and tear through misuse is much greater. Therefore, it is essential to respect the age range of each toy, the maximum number of children playing in space and create internal regulations that respect the use of each type of toy.

All Play, Houston

All Play  services consist of inspection and replacement of parts compromised by wear or breakage, painting, and complete varnishing, which brings a new life to the playground and guarantees the safety of the child users.

With these tips, it’s a little easier to know if the commercial playground in Houston, where children play, is safe and if its preventive maintenance is up to date.



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