Staying at home in a pandemic is difficult for us. If you have a lively bunch at home, you must have noticed the drastic lifestyle change your kids have gone through. Children are spending most of their time in front of screens at an age where physical activity is vital for growth. To prevent the long-term consequences, it is necessary to walk an extra mile and bring the playground at home.

Building a backyard playground is a great investment, but there are several factors parents should consider before getting into the process. If you need any assistance with outdoor playground equipment in Huston, All Play Inc. will take care of all your requirements, from design to construction.

We’re jotting down the factors parents should think about when planning a playground construction for their children

How old is the child?

Age tells you the child’s level of motor development. For every level of development, a different type of play benefits the most. Also, children of different age groups have different play preferences. To bring the best of both fun and fitness for your child, understand your child’s age-appropriate requirements and invest accordingly.

How many children will use the equipment?

If you have one child who will be using the playground, a single unit with all the required attachments will suffice. If you have two or more children, you would have to look at options that would accommodate many at a time. If you have many children of different ages, you would need tools for their respective physical activity levels.

How much space do you have?

Backyards may be big or small and require you to have them properly measured and checked for safety. It is smart to know the space, to understand how much and what type of equipment it can host before buying the outdoor play tools. If you have a small space, installing a swing will not be fun; instead, it will be unsafe. You must check whether the space is fit for construction and free of hazardous debris.

How to ensure complete safety?

We are talking about equipment that is going to be used roughly. Kids will run, climb, jump and hang on this equipment. Therefore, having sturdy equipment that will sustain repeated rough use, stand strong through the changing weather, and will not injure them is a fundamental necessity. Getting pieces of equipment with smoothed edges, high railings, soft grips, child-friendly textures, and insulated parts are highly advisable.

All Play Inc. offers Play Armour protection. It is a unique invisible, odorless antimicrobial coating to protect play equipment. It is also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. This armor protects the children from contagious diseases at play and guarantees maximum safety.

How to look after the equipment?

With heavy usage and standing outside in the ever-changing weather, equipment is likely to have loose parts, broken attachments, rusted bars, and much more. It is thus essential for parents to regularly check the installation or install low-maintenance equipment.

With proper planning done by considering all the mentioned factors, you can design your outdoor playground to give your children maximum fun, safety, and health benefits.

This list might seem a bit overwhelming to some parents, and we are here to help. All Play Inc. has been helping design and construct and maintain play parks for families since 1991. Being the trusted service for outdoor playground equipment in Huston, we build inclusive playgrounds for children of all ages. Contact us now for a stress-free purchase of outdoor playground equipment in Huston

When kids grow into adults, they miss the carefree days spent on playgrounds. The games kids play, the memories they share, and the swings they ride- all become an integral part of their childhood. Long after we stop visiting playgrounds, the bittersweet nostalgia stays with us, only to remind us of how much fun we had. 

Benefits of playgrounds

Apart from the fact that going to the playground with your friends and classmates is always the best part of the day, there are scientifically proven benefits to playing in the playground. Maybe this is why more and more people are paying attention to the technicalities behind building a playground for school in Houston, TX. Here are the various ways in which playgrounds help turn kids into better versions of themselves:-

Strengthening the senses

Going to the playground every day can improve the sensory perception of your child. The sensory perception lays the foundation for behaviors and characteristic traits. Spending time at the playground also helps the kids understand how to navigate new surroundings with ease, discovering the area and adapting to it. It improves their instincts and encourages self-exploration. 

Health and wellness

Each playground for school in Houston, Tx, is an integral part of the community as it helps to  build health and wellness. Going to the playground for half an hour or one hour daily means your child gets the necessary exposure to natural sunlight. Kids develop neuromuscular coordination much faster in a playground. 

When they climb, jump, run, grab the monkey bars, or pull a chain, they’re learning how to use their small muscles and developing essential motor skills. 

Social engagement

Children develop better social skills when they play with their friends or make new friends in the playground. To succeed as social animals, we must learn how to adapt to ever-changing social situations and read social cues. Going to a playground and interacting with others surely helps in this situation. Not only will children develop better social skills, but they’ll also learn how to be in a team. 

Emotional wellness

Even as an adult, it isn’t easy to cope with our emotions. Kids also have a wide spectrum of emotions that they need to learn to manage from an early age. Playing freely helps boost their self-confidence, morale and gives them a feeling of control or liberation. When they play games with other kids, they learn how to take a loss or a win in the same stride.

Why choose All Play, Inc.?

All Play Inc. is known for putting their best foot forward, each time they help build a playground for school in Houston, Tx. The team at All Play Inc is dedicated to delivering seamless services and equipment that’s reliable, secure, and fun! Most of all, the team truly believes that safety comes first. 

That’s why they offer PlayArmor- an antimicrobial coating for commercial playground equipment and play systems. PlayArmor protects your kids from toxic microorganisms. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about safety when they’re making memories and to have fun. Let the team at All Play, Inc. handle it!



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