Spending a section of your time in outdoor play in a virtual learning environment is key to both physical and intellectual ability. Most people have chosen homeschooling in the wake of Covid-19. Making computers and laptops the basic props in their learning endeavor. As the world advocates for virtual learning, especially during the pandemic, we find it imperative for these children to combine sensorial stimulation through outdoor activities. These will, as a result, enable them to achieve a balanced physical and learning experience.

Children can only learn through their senses. Incorporating aspects that stimulate these senses in the learning curriculum will add much value to their growth and development. The following are reasons why including outdoor play in the virtual learning schedule is important. 

Enhancing Physical Education

A balanced learning environment that incorporates outdoor activity will promote physical education. Children will understand how important physical activity is for their health. Remember, a virtual learning environment will have the kids glued all day to devices. This deprives them lots of energy, which could cause moodiness, lethargy, headaches, and insomnia. Incorporating outdoor activity will alleviate these forms of stress and enable the learners to lead a healthier emotional, intellectual, and physical life. 

Ease Anxiety and Stress

A virtual learning environment is likely to separate children from their friends. The kids remain at home, stuck in front of screens with lots of homework to do. This heavily affects the learner’s emotional and imaginative feats. It is important for tutors, therefore, to craft a balanced learning-play outdoor schedule for the learners. This will promote their mental health development and curve their social skills. Anxiety is another condition associated with inadequate fresh air in the lungs. Play induces high oxygen levels that promote an active brain and influence relaxation. 


Physical education will ensure the learners stretch their bodies and remain limber. Both are important for maintaining muscle flexibility and preventing injuries. A flexible body is more resistant to some injuries. 

Cognitive Activity

Brain energy stems from fresh physical activity. When the brain is fit, someone has a more focused sense of clarity, less stressed, and more acumen. Avoid mistaking the alleviation of brain stress associated with playing video games, listening to music, and watching movies with that of physical activity. These other forms of relaxation have different effects when promoting brain functionality. 

Remaining Active and Focused

When children engage in regular physical activity, their neurons are subjected to fresh change and growth. This boosts their ability to learn additional skills and become more intellectually stable. Some important abilities they will also pick up include social skills, emotional skills, problem-solving and decision making. 

Is your playground looking for playground equipment? We specialize in the commercial playground equipment needed to get your kids outside & involved in the outdoor learning environment. in Southeast Texas.

This guide is for starters who want to build upon or add a community recreation park. This is the complete guide to choosing the right park or playground equipment. You will find helpful insight on how to navigate commercial playground equipment in Southeast Texas. Anyone out there that has a passion for revitalizing the surrounding community, the information herein will help stimulate community involvement through outdoor activities. There are many benefits of a recreation park, and supporting a physically healthy life is the most important. Most people take parks as pleasant spaces out in the green to socialize, meditate, therapeutic walks, and bring children out to play. Yet, the benefits of the playground go further by contributing to the beautiful aspects of a neighborhood. 

Lots of emphases should be placed on equipment when planning an outdoor park. The right selection of equipment will boost the benefits and will bring out the full advantage of outdoor recreation. Below is the information you need to consider before choosing park and playground equipment. 

Evaluate the Playground and its Needs

Conduct a playground audit and evaluate your equipment needs based on available size and space, general layout, headcount it can hold, age of children visiting the park, and people with disability. A playground is built to hold children of different ages. Designers engineer these spaces to enhance physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and imaginative development. Consider all these factors in your park audit and come up with a list of equipment you will require. 

What is the status of the Existing Equipment

Sometimes you want to compliment your existing resources with more equipment. There is existing equipment in the playground, some of which you also plan to replace. Therefore, as you perform the audit, consider what equipment to purchase and give the park a fresh appearance. The equipment audit must evaluate the equipment’s condition at hand to identify what needs to be replaced and what could be added. Ensure the existing equipment is also compliant with ADA and CPSC/ASTM regulations. Also, find out whether those in your community are happy and comfortable with existing equipment. If there are any issues or specific requests, consider those suggestions within the space. 


What’s your budget? Assess the overall budget and what sources of funding are available. Funding could be in the form of business capital, fundraising, donations, and grants. Prepare a budget for all needs and allocate funding to landscaping and site preparation, surfacing costs, and other expenses. If the budget is not sufficient, consider acquiring some of the equipment in phases or seeking a financing option. A lease can allow one to equip their park today and pay for it over several years.

Sporting, Outdoor Gyms, and Pet Park

What features are you planning to include in the park? Will you have an outdoor fitness area, a sports field, or a dog park. Remember, the kind of amenities available will determine the type of people that visit the playground. For instance, a fitness area would draw in both adults and kids, while sporting fields will draw in community and school teams. With a rough idea of the people that will visit the park, you can determine the type of equipment you will need to purchase.



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